Cottonmouth Scotty


Cottonmouth Scotty

Although he was born in Camden New Jersey, Cottonmouth Scotty Born Antuane Dawaune Scott-Smith will still tell you he is a Kansas City native. It didn’t take long for this young traveler to begin his journey, around 6 months old the young rapper, his mother Nicole Smith, and his grandmother Thomasenia Bell moved halfway across the country to Olathe a small suburb of the greater Kansas City area. Here the rapper lived a quiet yet seemingly regular life in the public eye, however his life behind closed doors was a bit more complicated. Since a young age the rapper was introduced to unhealthy amounts of family altercations, alcoholism, regular use of marijuana, abuse, and lets just say some pretty bad situations. The rapper says through it all his grandmother was an avid church-goer who tried to help keep him on the right track.

Despite family efforts, by the age of 14 the future of young Cottonmouth Scotty seemed fairly grim due to the fact that he wasn’t much of a scholar or athlete, and even if he had been into sports his small build wasn’t going give him much of a future in them. At least that’s what he was raised to believe. In all actuality the only thing that ever really held the rapper back in life was that mentality, and that these things were true and condemning. He really believed he was a troublemaker and would never be anything else even at a young age, his sandboxed way of thinking, and a string of bad choices attributed to this. Chasing the party life and running away from home at the age of 15 almost immediately landed him into a juvenile detention center, therefore beginning the trend of his out of home lifestyle for the next few years. The then teen almost always landing himself in front of a judge, spending almost one calendar year behind bars as well as months in a program which placed him out of home and into a shelter. All this time away from home however only gave the rapper the time and peace he needed away from his hectic home life to craft and master his style.

In 2015 and 2016 although he was in the studio recording and releasing music via youtube, reverbnation, ect. music was on the back burner for the future celebrity. By this time he had three children and the dream was seeming farther away. It wasn’t until early 2017 when the rapper freestyled the 12 song mixtape you may know as CARTEL, that he decided to drop all his previous rap names and just go with his last name SCOTT SMITH this gave him just the momentum he needed on social media, leading him to German trap producer “DJ LUCKY CUT” who after negotiations agreed to make exclusive beats for the rapper and take him off the wave of rappers rapping over tagged beats. Also leading him to soundcloud star beatmaker “LAUTJE XO”, and Soundclicks very own hit maker “NATE VIBEZ”.

The only thing missing was a good stage name, and after many years and many names the rising star landed a finger on COTTONMOUTH in front of a variation of his last name SCOTTY due to the large amount of marijuana he smoked and the common side effects it induced. His fans took to it rather quickly. Almost immediately after he deleted his song history, reverb nation account, and Youtube account he received almost 220,000 streams plays on Soundcloud which was just created. It seemed all the pieces were finally falling into place for this young ambitious rapper, as of date Cottonmouth Scotty has more than 250k streames plays and growing rapidly by the day.